Our Associates Program

The Shoeferral.com Associates Program allows our associates to promote us via links. We are looking to add dedicated partners who want to be successful. Shoeferral.com works with many different brands including manufacturers and other stores. We're looking for partners to promote theese brands and earn income to support your creative endeavors.

01. How much does it cost to be an associate?

The current cost to be an partner is $49 dollars. By registering, you will have access to the largest commission in the affiliate marketing industry. Use these commissions to purchase products yourselves or share links to your amazing audience.

03. Can an international website be an associate?

Currently, an international website may be an associate. However, we currently don't ship overseas.

05. How do I create links?

After registering and paying to become an assicate, all you need to do is visit a page and the links will be provide.

02. Are Shoeferral.com associates allowed to partake in business overseas?

Currently, associates are allowed to partake in business overseas. However, we do not ship internationally as of 2/01/2022. This may change.

04. Can associates use images and videos?

Any photo on our website may be used in your marketing efforts as long as you're a registered associate.

Membership Costs


This membership allows for fashion enthusiasts to save money and/or earn money by sharing links.

$49 / per year

  • 1 login access
  • Ability to share links
  • No group cabilities
  • No shoe design


Register as an Social Media Influencer and work to design your own shoe to sell to your audience.

$99 / year

  • 1 login access
  • Ability to share links
  • No group cabilities
  • Design your own shoe


This package allows all capabilities of Enthusiasts and Influencers memberships while also proving one FREE shoe per year.

$159 / year

  • 1 login access
  • Ability to share links
  • Ability to work as a group
  • Design your own shoe
  • Receive one FREE shoe per year